Your IoT Electronics

Hardware development

We design multi-layer PCB's, provide RF engineering, custom enclosures, custom cabling and more.

Software development

We are experienced in bare-metal, RTOS , low-power software development. 


We guide customers from testing and certification to manufacturing tools for high-quality assurance standards.


Compact, custom, wireless

We engineer cutting edge micro-electronics to build the connected world of tomorrow.


We focus on all the wireless IoT standards in 4 categories.

Cellular, long/short range communication, and wireless identification.

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Low Power

A side effect of the IoT revolution is the need for more efficient ways of power.

We have experience in many battery types and have built several energy-harvesting applications.

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IoT Advisory

We help the client understand the IoT mine field. We have experience in security, provisioning and many more important aspects that will define the cost and recurring investments for the client's IoT journey. Here we will create a feasible IoT architecture to the clients needs.



Time to narrow down on a first prototype and build a manufacturing ready product from the start. We take all our previous experience and make sure that the path to a highly reliable QA is baked in from the start. Focus on BOM cost and good sourcing plan in the future is key.



Testing & Validation

We will utilize automated testing and HALT to test the product and validate the embedded software. Test plans and systems are developed to make updates and changes a quick and efficient process.



The product is ready to go and we provide the necessary test scripts and benches so the client can follow up on quality with the highest precision.


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